Practice Areas

We advise companies, individuals, and entities on topics that have relevance on their day to day operations, and on extraordinary events that impact their businesses. We assist our Clients with all types of business agreements, transactions and negotiations, assuring their business objectives are met and their legal position secured.

Our role as legal advisors covers a wide range of areas. We attend our Clients’ board of directors and shareholders' meetings. We organize and structure all types of business entities, including corporations, trusts, limited liability companies, and specific purpose legal vehicles, preparing the appropriate organizational documents.

We have wide expertise in preparing, reviewing and negotiating a broad range of agreements. We assist our Clients with standard business agreements, including purchase order terms and conditions, supplier and distribution agreements, license and franchise agreements, services and employment agreements, real estate purchase and sale agreements, trusts, and non-competition and non-disclosure agreements.

We work closely with our Clients; our aim is to understand many aspects of our Clients’ operations and businesses to provide the best legal advice. We follow a proactive – preventive approach, being able to target potential risks and operational practices that must be addressed before the Client incurs in liability, and costly consequences. We work as a team identifying issues in our Clients’ transactions and operations that can be proactively addressed from the different perspectives of our legal practice, including tax, intellectual property, environmental, employment, litigation and finance.
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